He not busy being born, is busy dying. ~Bob Dylan


About Jason

As human beings, we do not exist in a vacuum. Rather, we rely on help and support from others to navigate the ups and downs of modern

life. Therapy is a great way to receive a professional perspective, identify key issues, and collaborate with another person to increase the overall

happiness in your (or your child's) life. Building rapport and establishing trust are my first priority when engaging with an individual and/or family. The

therapeutic relationship is the most important factor in empowering healing and change! And my specific passions lie in working with victims of trauma,

symptoms of anxiety, and kids of all ages.

My experience includes clinical work with teens and pre-teens with a variety of behavioral issues, youth with sexual behavior problems, families impacted by severe traumatic experiences, and victims of physical/sexual/emotional abuse of all ages. I think it's vital to understand what's happened to someone, not what's "wrong" with them.Empathy and connectedness are my top strengths and define my life, both personally and professionally.

Every day is a gift. And I'm grateful for the opportunity to empower others and facilitate change, big and small. If you're ready to talk, I'm ready to listen!

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